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Our Games

Our Games

Playing games can actually help improve your memory, increase your creativity, and more.

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Here you can find the list of our games:


Yummy Pizza Kitchen

Do you like pizza? In this game you play as manager at pizza parlor, you take handmade pizza orders from customers. Roll your own dough, choose appropriate sauces, and the most important of all, pick all the right toppings! Make sure to do all that to make your customers happy. Upgrade your menu and your shop to attract more customers and gain more profit. All in “Yummy Pizza Kitchen”

Available for web/flash


Fancy Holiday Tailor

Oh no! Holiday season is near, but you need a custom-made suit made for your loved one! Every tailor in town is closed! Every tailor? Not quite… you still have “Fancy Holiday Tailor”! Make your custom suits, hats, jackets and trousers here. Pick your own color, pattern, and your own stickers! Make sure that you remember the correct order for everyone though, since your customer’s happiness depends on it. Also, upgrade your shop with more items to attract more customers.

Available for web/flash


My painting Book

Everyone loves to paint! This painting game/tool works on every device, directly from your browser. Paint anything you want in this free-form painting game. Choose from all color of brushes, pencils, and crayons. Fill the canvas with paint buckets! Make pretty patterns with pattern tool, and don’t worry if you made some mistake, just undo your last step with undo button

Available for all platform (HTML5)


Glam Princess Salon

This salon treatment will make you a princess! Have a facial, your makeup and hair done, put on pretty dresses and jewelery and then also have all of your nails done and some face painting in this complete treatment game! Or play the story-mode and match your style with a pre-made style.

Available for web/flash and all platform (HTML5)


Lunch Line Panic

Oh no! It is lunch time, and our store is swamped with orders! It’s almost impossible to serve them all before lunch hour ends…. impossible except with the help of our super waiter team, that is! Match customer’s order with your menu as fast as possible without any mistake. Are you having trouble? then use your waiter’s superpower! Complete the level and go to the next challenge!

Available for web/flash and all platform (HTML5)


Gabby's Diary 2: Love and Dressup

Gabby is back in this second installment of Gabby’s Diary with her friend Mamiko! But not she got more friends. Meet Kanna, Marina! Follow them as they go through their second year of high school in Melrose High. And now, there’s also boys: Kaoru and Bryan. Which one of them will take Gabby’s heart?

Available for web/flash and android


Teddy Bear Emergency Doctor

Oh no! Our little teddy bear is injured! Help him by cleaning him, removing thorns, and sewing up his wounds! And then put him into cute outfits to make him feel better! Choose from 6 different teddy bears from 6 different owner!

Available for web/flash and android



You just got off a remote mountain range after finishing a construction project when a zombie plague breaks. What do you do? What you do best off course: Build, upgrade and fight yourself out of the situation. Build barricades and tower, upgrade your weapons, and prepare yourself each day; for when the night comes, zombie horde will attack.

This is K.U.L.I. Kill Until the Last Infected

see the artworks here

Available for all platform (HTML5)


Alternative Supermodel Naomi

Naomi is an up-and-coming model. Help Naomi and her friend/manager, Allison, in landing various model jobs and dress for the occasion. Unlock more stories and outfits to play with! Pose for a cover of a magazine!

Available for android


Festival Snack Stand

It is a busy day in the festival! Everyone wants to try its delicious shaved ice! Manage the shaved ice stand and serve different kind of customers, upgrade your shop, and attract more customers! All in days work!

Available for flash/web and android


Royal Dentist

You’re a prince and you need some royal treatment for your teeth. Maintain your perfect teeth, fix holes and remove plaques. Brush and clean your teeth! And after everything is clean, color and put some jewels on your teeth! All in Royal Dentist!

Available for flash/web and android


Tiffany 201

You’re graduating your high school, and now you’re ready for college! Follow the story of Tiffany in her everyday events in this cute high-end dressup game. Meet with new friends, attends various events and impress everyone with your fashion sense!

Available for android


Royal Baby Shop

When you’re a big-time celebrity or a glamorous royalty, You don’t go to your usual store to buy your baby necessities. NO! You need “Royal Baby Shop” to fulfill the need of your most precious asset in your impressive portfolio, your baby!

Manage a super high-end baby shop in this isometric management game. Serve royalties and celebrities for over-the-top baby stuff like gold plated bottle! Upgrade your already exclusive shop with more items and decorations!

Available for flash and android


Princess Prom Photoshoot


The princess is ready for her big Prom night! Arrange everything from facial, makeup, dress and hairstyle in this glamorous princess game. Make sure she is ready for her big night in Princess Prom Photoshoot!

Available for flash and android


Midnight Ramen


When you are a creature from beyond, and you want some midnight snack, where will you go? Luckily Midnight Ramen will be there for you!

Serve various type of ghosts and monsters in this cute yet otherworldly management game. Serve ramen bowl garnished with eyeballs, bats, and many other things!

Available for flash


Gabby's Diary

Our extensive dressup game with multiple stories, hundreds of options in accesories and clothing options

Play as a freshman in highschool, Gabby, as she navigate her way through her new life as a highschooler, and be sure to dress to impress in every occassion!

See some artworks here

Available for Android


Train Raiders

The fastest route is often also the most dangerous route. In this post-apocalyptic world, nobody with their sane mind will dare to set foot on the infamous badlands, home of the blood-thirsty raider gangs. That’s exactly where you come in. Armed with your trusty heavy caliber stationary gun and a shitload of grenade, you will guard whatever cargo in that train that needs to be delivered across the badlands….. for a price.

Available for web/flash, android, iOS


Rie's Recipe


Come with Rie and make delicious recipes in this cooking game. Prepare, cut, clean and cook your food to perfection!

Available for web/flash and android


Kitty Championship

Now you have your own cat from beginning, you can start to give your cat name as you like, and you can take care of your cat.

Keep notice the bar on the top left and you will be able to understand what your cat needs depend on how much the bar filled. You can choose various actions on the bottom button and buy various accessories from the side buttons. The more you work, the more you earn much money to buy best item and actions to make your cat happy.

Enjoy and train your cat as best as you can.

Available for web


Missy Messy

Help the little witch Missy Messy in finding her magic spellbook by cleaning her magical house, room by room.

Utilize 5 very different interactive cleaning tools in 13 magical hand-drawn, animated levels.

Available for web


PolarPWND 2

The nonsensical war between U.B.A’s bears and Featherland’s penguins rages on. Help Boris the polar bear in thwarting the evil plan of Der Feather once again in PolarPWND’s sequel: PolarPWND 2, der feather’s revenge!

Face off against new enemies such as commander penguins, the hard-to-topple elite penguins and Professor Von Byrdbrynn, Der Feather’s scientist. Use new tools such as rockets, balloons, rubber boxes, or the futuristic floating board to complete 26 penguin-crashing, joke filled levels.

Crash yourself onto military trucks, funpark rides, giant propellers, and other dangerous-looking contraptions scattered throughout the game to help you in your penguin ass-kicking mission.

Common sense does not apply in this game. So consider yourself warned.

available for web and iOS



Polar PWND! is a physics-based puzzle game. You’ll have to use bombs, mines, and simple ramps in various ways that’s not recommended by your doctor, or even the military.

Boris is a new recruit in U.B.A (United Bear Association). Armed with a prototype sled and some military surplus items he will infiltrate Penguin Headquarters. Help Boris in his adventure to find out what the secret is the penguins have been harboring. Kicking penguin ass on the way!

Available for web


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