ikan (indonesian):
Fish, any of various mostly cold blooded aquatic vertebrates
i can (english):
used to indicate mental or physical ability, capability, or possibility and probability

We are an interactive media and art studio located in Cimahi. Our teams are experienced in creating various interactive media with various art style for multiple platform.

Our (dream/goal) is to create a great interactive media, We believe that we can build application of your dream into a *virtual* reality

Our Services

Game Creation

Let us build your game

Our explosive mix of skilled programmers and artists will make your game burst out with life. We have experiences with various platforms such as web/flash, blackberry playbook, iOS, and windows phone. Maximize your game’s potential by connecting it to social medias such as Facebook, twitter, or linkedIn. Contact us at for details


Interactive Media Development

Tell us what you want

Have your visitors dance in front of a webcam, have them interact with interactive promotional stand. Make them lost in the depth of your latest animated, reactive e-book. We have experiences in developing various interactive medias for various clients. Our past works includes online magazine, e-learning content, interactive map, interactive websites, and animations. So tell us what kind of interactivity you want for your next media. Contact us at for details


Art Contract/Commission

We’re available for hire for your art projects.

We’re available for hire for your game-art related projects. We got a broad experiences creating art for wide-range of devices and styles. No matter if it’s character animations, game tiles, background arts, User Interface art, or inventory items. just tell us what you need, and we’ll create the perfect artwork for your game. Contact us at for details

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